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Chargeable Weight

Chargeable Weight: Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight, whichever is higher.

Calculation of Volumetric weight:

A. Air:

L X B X H (in cms)/6000 OR L X B X H (in inches)/366

B. Rail:

Step 1. LxBxH in cms (each rounded off to higher digit)

Step 2. Result of Step 1 Divided by 28000

Step 3. Result of step 2 rounded off to higher digit.

Step 4. Step 3 Multiplied by 4 gives Volumetric weight of the box.

Double Chargeable Weight:

Any package weighing 100 kgs or above, or if the size of any of its dimension is 100 cms and above, double the Actual or Volumetric Weight (whichever is higher) will be charged.

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