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Documentation Requirement per shipment

  1. 3 copies of Tax Incoice
  2. 3 copies of Chalan

A. The Invoice should contain the following:-

  1. It should be a "Tax Invoice"
  2. It should have proper "Number" and "Date" mentioned.
  3. It should have Vendor's TIN/VAT/CST/LST nos printed on the Invoice.
  4. It should have complete address of "The Consignee/ Buyer/Billed To..".
  5. If Delivery address is different from consignee then complete address of "Delivery at../ to be delivered to" should be mentioned.
  6. Description of material, quantity and amount should be mentioned on the Tax Invoice.
  7. Appropriate Sales Tax/ Vat should be charged as applicable.
  8. S.T/CST/TIN/VAT No. of the delivery address should be mentioned.
  9. The Tax Invoice should be in Pre-printed Format and all details should be typed.

B. The Challan should contain the following:-

  1. Complete delivery address should be mentioned.
  2. WSP code should also be mentioned.
  3. P.O.No. along with P.O.Date should be clearly mentioned.
  4. Complete material description( as mentioned in P.O) should be mentioned.
  5. Method of packing (like pcs in each box) should be mentioned.
  6. Total number of boxes should be mentioned.
  7. Actual Weight per box, Size per box and total no of boxes should be clearly mentioned.

C. The following details should be mentioned on each boxes:

  • Material Code
  • Material Description
  • Quantity in each box
  • PO No.
  • Challan No.

The shipment should be properly packed.

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